Pricing for Custom Order Bookthongs

I have set up pricing to give you the best deals I can and still cover costs and still make some profit to put in the Hockey Fund and Convention Piggy Bank. I from time to time will come up with some specials to make it a bit easier for you too. Just check the posts for information!

Order 1 thong $5 plus $2 shipping

2-5 thongs $4 each plus $2.50 shipping

6-20 thongs $3.50 each plus $3.00 shipping

21-50 thongs $3.00 each plus $4.00 shipping

51 + thongs $2.50 each plus $6.00 shipping

Remember you can order 50 of one photo or book cover or 1 of 50 different covers. Pricing is for total ordered no additional charge for different colors or design.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seasons Greetings

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say I hope everyone has a happy holiday season whatever holiday or celebration you take part in. I am very thankful that so many have enjoyed my bookthongs and have sent them out and about throughout the world. I would love to continue making people happy by having a unique bookthong to mark your favorite read. Please continue to spread the word and share the joy of custom bookthongs with family and friends. Thanks again and may you all stay safe and healthy throughout the season. !!!

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